Janice M. Anderson

Jesse Bailey 

Tom* and Joyce Barker

Davies Batterton

Mike Baumgartner

Kathy Bennett

Dale and Barbara Brancamp  

Nancy Nienaber Buchanan

Nancy Buck

Jerome and Karen Buening

Ed and Joann Burkhart

Mary Ann Carter

Karen Church

Art and Carolyn Cleland

Mary Lou Colson

Mike and Maryellen Conner

Thelma Corya

Jim and Jeanie* Coy

Fred Craig 

Nancy Cuskaden

Marilyn Davis

Kathy Denny

Judy Doerflinger

Phyllis Doerflinger

Al and Mary Doles

John & Cleo Duncan

Todd and Linda Dwenger

John and Jackie Elliott

Sam* and Marita Field

Bill Fisher

Robert and Sara Foster

John and Sarah French

Doug and JoAnn Fry

Don and Jane Gardner

Amanda Gault*

Mary Ann Geis

Ray Geis

Mary Frances Goodwin

Dick and Debbie Griewe

Steve and Helen Hamilton

Charles Ray Harmon

Chris and Rebecca Harpring

Rollin and Marcie Harpring

Donna Creaser Harwood

Wanda Heaton

Larry and Melinda Heger

Ruby Henry

Mike and Carole Holbrook

Jane Howard

Lauren Huffmeyer*

Carl and Rhonda Jackson

Rosie Johnson 

John Kanouse

John W. Kincaid

Harry and Irene Krieger

Maurice and Marsha Lay 

Bob and Betsy Lay

Betty Lemmons

Rock and Cheryl Linville

Margaret Lowe

Patricia Luken

Dan and Denise Manus

Dick and Jo Anne Martin

Polly Matlock

Michael McCoy

Gene McCoy

Suzann Batterton McCoy

Connie McCracken

Richard McCreary

Mary Jane McKahan

Marilyn Metz

Rheadawn Metz

Marjorie Meyers

Marian Miller

Viola Minning

Roberta Mock

Susanne Moeller

Betsy McLaughlin Moll

George Morgan

Jane Murphy

Dudley and Bonita Myers

Tim and Kathy Nobbe

Lois Obermeyer

Tony and Laura Owens

Thomas E. Parker 

Gladys Pike

Tom and Patty Pike - Sign Masters

Tom and Glenda Porter

Larry and Carol Pumphrey

Liz Reed

Susie Ricke - State Farm Insurance

Ernest L. Ruble

Richard and Alice Rust

Stan Saler

David and Jayne Schlemmer

Jay and Tonia Schofield

Janet Vogel Scholl

Joyce Sefton

Stephen and Barbara Shaffer

Carrie Shumaker*

Wesley and Jane Shumaker

Pat Smith

Nancy Redelman Spears

Joana Springmier

Diana Elz Swegman

Donna Swinford*

John Thomson

John and June Tumilty

Kathy Verseman

Greg and Teresa Watkins

Bill and Joy White

Wendy Whitehead*

Gene Williams

Willadene Wood

Mary Weisner Yoder

Drew and Wilma Cornn Young

Betty Zillick





Beth AmRhein -  Decatur County Farmers                                         Mutual Insurance

Carl and Millie Busch

George and Janet* Chadwell

Paul and Susan Corya

Doerflinger Insurance Agency, Inc.

Frank and Phyllis Hamilton

Karen Downey Horn

Marjorie D. Hunter

Robert L. and Billie Jean King

Lois Laskowski

Albert and Ann Oak

Barbara Riordan

Jacqueline Schryer

Ann Shazer

John and Sandra Westhafer

Don and Sharon Wickens

Mark and Lisa White




James Batterton

Margaret K. Tomes Bergen

Virginia Burbrink

Jan Filler

Helen Klosterkemper

Ed and Margaret Parker

The Carol F. Patitz Living Trust

Karen & Warren Patitz

George and Barbara Reiger

Jim and Lynne Saler

Pirjo and Dirk Schulbach

Adrian* and Karen Scripture

Steve and Jan Stuhrenberg Smith

Jim and Jere' Sturges

Bill Wenning

Dennis and Susan Wilson

Tom and Susan Westhafer

* Denotes Board Members



Rick and Cindy Acra

Janet Ketchum Armbrust

Juanita Beall

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Bonnett

Hannah Brown

George Cann

Ruth Cash

Norm and June Cook

Ed and Jane Deiwert

Bill and Kate Ernstes

Ginny Garvey

Nancy Gilliland

Don and Margaret Bainbridge Herbert

Richard and Jane Bainbridge Herbert

Charles Hessler

Mrs. Robert Kuchler

Robert K. Marlowe

Don McKinney

David and Mary Miers

R. Michael Miner

Charity Mitchell

Judy Muckerheide

Paul and RoJeanna Pank

Peg Polanski

Ted and Peggy Pratt

Bill and Sally Robbins

Joe and Susan Rust

Charles Shirk

William O. and Lynda Smith

Diana Springmier

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Stradley

Linda Volk

Ellen Wallace

Joe and Anne Westhafer

Barbara Westhafer

Dallas Whipple

Russell and Nancy Wilhoit

Historical Society of Decatur County Museum

222 North Franklin Street

PO Box 163

Greensburg, IN 47240

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