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There are many ways to make monetary donations to the Decatur County Historical Society and help keep our history alive for future generations.   
The Decatur County Historical Society Endowment Fund was established in 1999 at the Decatur County Community Foundation. This tax deductable fund is available to make donations "In Honor" of living friends and family or "In Memory" of friends and family who have passed away. Persons interested in making a donation are encouraged to contact Tami Wenning at
812-662-6364 or email for more information. 

Other easy ways to give to the Historical Society of Decatur County: 

Matching Gift
Your employer (or spouse’s employer) may match employee gifts to the Historical Society of Decatur County.

Stocks and Bonds
You can donate stocks and bonds which will benefit the Society and potentially provide capital gains tax savings.

Your Will
Your will can include gifts in the form of stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, personal property or a percentage of your estate. Please work with your attorney if you want the Historical Society of Decatur County to be the recipient of a future gift.

Retirement Savings
You can name the Historical Society of Decatur County as a beneficiary of your retirement account. This could allow that portion of your account to pass income tax free to the Historical Society of Decatur County.

Consult Your Tax Advisors
This information is NOT offered as legal advice. For advice, please contact your attorney and tax advisor. 

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