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Who are Decatur County's community helpers?

City Council – The city council helps make decisions for the city. It is made up of members of the community.

Doctor – Doctors keep people healthy. We have many doctors in Decatur County. Some of them work at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

Fire Chief – The fire chief helps manage the fire station. Greensburg’s fire chief is Steve Garrett.

Judge - A judge helps decide cases in the courts. The superior court judge is Matthew Bailey. The circuit court judge is Timothy Day.

Librarian - A librarian helps you finds information and plans events at the library. Greensburg Decatur County Library Director is Vanessa Martin. The children’s librarian is Jill Pratt.

Mayor – A mayor helps manage a city. Greensburg’s mayor is Dan Manus.

Police Chief – The police chief runs the police deparment. Greensburg’s police chief is Brenden Bridges.

Sheriff - The sheriff helps with law enforcement in the county. Decatur County’s sheriff is Greg Allen.

Teacher – A teacher helps student learn. Decatur County has 5 different schools filled with students.

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